Data Analytics with SAS

SAS Environment and Concepts
Understanding basic SAS concepts
Referencing Files and Setting Options
Editing and Debugging SAS Programs
Data handling and Reporting
Creating SAS Data Sets from Raw Data
Understanding DATA Step Processing
Creating List Reports
Creating and Applying User-Defined formats
Creating Enhanced List and Summary Reports
Creating and Managing Variables
Producing Descriptive Statistics
determine the n-count, mean, standard deviation, minimum, and maximum of numeric variables
specify the variables for which to produce statistics
Dfference between the SUMMARY and MEANS procedures
create one-way frequency tables for categorical data using the FREQ procedure
create two-way and n-way crossed frequency tables
control the layout and complexity of crossed frequency tables
Functions and Loops
Transforming Data with SAS Functions
Generating Data with DO Loops
Processing Variables with Arrays
Data handling
Reading SAS Data Sets
Combining SAS Data Sets
Producing HTML Output
Reading Raw Data in Fixed Fields
Reading Free-Format Data
Reading Date and Time Values
Creating a Single Observation from Multiple Records
Creating Multiple Observations from a Single Record
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