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Microsoft Power BI is a suite of tools to analyze your data and extract business insights from it through building interactive dashboards. This Power BI Training course will help you get the most out of Power BI, enabling you to solve business problems and improve operations.

This Power BI training course helps you grasp and master how to develop dashboards from published reports, discover greater insight from you data with Quick Insights, practical recipes on the various tasks that you can do with Microsoft Power BI- from gathering your data to analyzing it and finally contains some handy recipes on troubleshooting various issue in Power BI.
Introduction of Power BI
• Overview of BI Concepts
• Why we need BI?
• Introduction to SSBI
• SSBI Tools
• Why Power BI?
• What is Power BI?
• Building Block of Power BI
• Getting started with Power BI Desktop
Power BI Desktop
• Power BI Desktop
• Extracting Data from Various sources
• Different Tool of Power BI
• Workspace in Power BI
• Data Transformation
• Query Editor
Power BI DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)
• Modelling Data
• Manage Data Relationship
• Optimize Data Model
• What is Dax?
• Calculated Types
• Dax Function: Date and Time, Time Intelligence, Information, Logical, Mathematical, Statistical, Text and Aggregate
• Measures in DAX
Data Visualization
• Visualization in Power BI
• Charts in Power BI
• Treemap and Table Visualization
• Slicers Visualization
• Map Visualization
• Demo of Different Chart in BI
• Visualization Features
• Single Number Card and Multiple Number Card
• KPI Visual
Introduction to Power BI Q & A and Data Insights
• Introduction of Dashboard
• Why Dashboard?
• Dashboard vs Reports
• Configuring Dashboards: Dashboard Tiles, Pinning Tiles
• Power BI Q&A
• Gateways
• App Workspace
• Power BI Mobile
Other Data Source
• Import Json Data
• Create Report Using Json Data
• Import Json Data From API
• Create Report Using Json Data From API
• Import Data from MySQL Database
• Create Report Using Database
• Import data from PDF
• Create report Using PDF
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