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Jain Cultural Group was founded by Shri Rakeshbhai R Shah. We see in all walks of life that a team can accomplish much more collectively than the some of the achievements of individuals. Our purpose is to form a family-oriented group with a moral and religious foundation. Our group is based on the profound wisdom in the teachings of Jainism. We recognize that a group of hundreds of families has a different range of needs. Our goal is to create and sustain a platform for like minded Jain families in Ahmedabad and conduct frequent events to provide opportunities for interactions and mingling while adopting the practices of Jainism to a large extent and striving to do more and more to discover and learn Jainism.

Our activities have evolved over time with unstinting volunteer activities by many members who have come forth to lead event management and organize a various activities. By uniting, we leverage the collective business strength of our members to contribute to group as well as society at large. We operate our group as a family in a mutually supportive environment.
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