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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance - commonly known as QA is now evolving into a full discipline and career track as “Quality Engineering”. Vnurture Technologies provides a complete solution for software testing training in both manual and automated testing. Our mentors are subject matter experts with decade+ industry experience and can blend innovative teaching methodology with recent trends in software testing, such as “Shift Left QA” approach.

This course provides students with hands on experience learning Test Driven Development (TDD) using JUnit. Students will build unit tests using mocks, fakes, stubs and drivers, and address issues working with databases and other systems. Student will create tests and code that will be more likely to meet and exceed requirements. Code that receives “test coverage” will not break existing systems, because tests are passed before code is checked in. Students will spend time working with the issues involved in refactoring legacy code, safely cutting into an already deployed system. Students will work on looking for, or creating “seams” to more safely improve code or add features, and work on identifying “code smells” that need attention in a productive system. Finally, students will explore dependency issues as well as techniques to better understand and improve complex systems. Students will also examine TDD and refactoring legacy code in other languages like C# to gain a broader view of options and issues working in a multi-language shop. Comprehensive labs using Java provide facilitated hands on practice crucial to developing competence and confidence with the new skills being learned.

Testing with live projects :

Our experts provide live project training for web as well as mobile applications. We also automate our live web application as well as mobile applications. We will address various type of testing through live project testing report.

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