R and Data Analytics

For Data Analytics Professionals/University Researchers/Students/ MBA /CA/Statisticians Vnurture is a leading organization focused on industry readiness. Considering the growing demand for Data Analysts, we have carefully designed the program ‘Introduction to R Programming for Data Analytics’. It teaches attendees how to use R to explore data from a variety of sources by generating charts, graphs, and other data representations, Data Manipulation, Data visualization, advance analytics topics like regressions, and data mining. You will be exposed to real life projects and assignments with hand-on experience.
  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • R Basics, R Studio, Data types, Functions, Summarization
  • Data Visualization using R including Base, lattice and ggplot packages
  • Statistical Analysis using R (Hypothesis testing, Parametric and Non-Parametric)
  • Data Wrangling with dplyr and tidyr Correlation, Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Logistic Regression
  • One-Way/Two-Way ANOVA, Chi-square test of independence
  • R Markdown and other tools of R Studio, Practical comprehensive case studies on datasets

Schedule and Certification

Currently we offer this course on a) weekends, spanning across 5 weekends (Sat/Sun) and 5 hours per weekend, totalling at least 25 hours of theory and hands on experience. Or b) weekdays on custom schedule. On successful completion of program, attendees will be offered Certification by Vnurture Technologies. Candidates, who do not have any prior computer programming experience, will be offered orientation in Software Programming and IT Terminology to make sure smooth transition to learning of 'R program'

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