iOS App Development

iOS App Development Basics, the second course in the iOS App Development with Swift specialization, expands your programming skills and applies them to authentic app development projects. The topics covered in this course include Xcode basics, Core iOS and Cocoa Touch frameworks, simple user interface creation, MVC Architecture and much more. With a focus on using Apple’s components to access sensors like camera, microphone and GPS, by the end of this course you will be able to create a basic App according to specified parameters and guidelines.
Basic Language Understanding
MVC Architecture And Benifits
Classes,Objects,Methods and OOP Concepts
Introduction to Objective C
Basic Concepts of Object Oriented Language with Objective C
Introduction iOS – Basics iPhone Operating System
iOS Features
Introduction to Tools – XCODE, Interface Builder
Step By Step How to Create First Application- Basic Environment of IDE ( XCODE )
Introduction Core Libraries – UIKit, CoreGraphics, Foundation, AddressBookUI And Other
Introduction to Applicaiton Architecture And Application Life Cycle
Debugging Techniques + Console
What is IBOutlet, IBAction, Properties, Storyboard, Supporting Files
How to Put Controls on UI and generating it’s Actions and Outlet
View Controllers – How to Generate Iterative UI Using View Controllers – Flow of the App using View Controller
Table View Controllers – Customized the Listing using TableView Controllers
Navigation Application – Navigation based Apps
TabBar Controllers – TabBar Based Apps
Sqlite Database – Basics Open Database, Create DataBase, Fetch Data, Operations On DataBase
What is CoreData, Basic Sample Understanding of CoreData
Creating Navigation Based Application With Validation With Iterative Designing
Basic Undestanding DataTypes And Classes – NSArray,NSMutableArray, NSDictionary, NSMutableDictionary
What is WebService – Why it is UseFull, Discussion on WebService
What is XML, Format Understanding, How to Identify Data in XML
XML Parsing – Parsing Data From Web Service in format of XML
What is JSON, Format Understanding, How to Identify Data in JSON
JSON Parsing – Parsing Data From Web Service in format of JSON
Iteration Between WebService and UI – How to Display Dynamic Data On UI
Application Integration – How to Integrate the Code – Basic Understanding – Third Party APIs
Course Completion Certificates.
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