IOT – Intermediate Level Certification Course

IOT Domain Overview
  • Basic of IOT
  • What it is ? Why is it relevant ?
  • IOT and Robotics
  • Market drivers
  • Future Opportunities
  • Why one should study
  • Career options
Introduction to IOT Eco systems
  • Basic of Arduino boards
  • Handling of Cables, bread boards
  • Type of Motors
  • Type of Sensors
  • Intro to Wearables technologies (Lilypad)
Connectivity options
  • Introduction to Wifi, Bluetooth, Cloud
  • Wifi / Bluetooth / Mobile GSM Enablement
  • Blynk – Introduction to Arduino management through Cloud
  • Cloud storage for data gathering /recoding (Trial Accounts)
IOT Project
  • Study various example projects
  • Hands on exposure to build own robots
Few Examples OR design your custom project
  • TOGA (Toxic Gas analyser for Chemical Industry),
  • Healthy alert for Elderly people (safety button,, heart rate, free fall alert)
  • Spider-Bot – voice activated
  • Home automation – Curtain opener, Fan/Lights/AC control (220V) Custom module with relay
Duration: 2 months (twice a week – 90 minutes)
Introduction to 3D printing technology (optional)
  • Software Introduction ,
  • Introduction to slicer
  • Design your Own object
  • Supported protocols by RabbitMq. Ex. MQTT, AMQP
  • Explain each protocol in depth
    • Explain publish subscribe mechanism.
    • How to communication is done using this protocol.
    • How to publish message (Actual data, size, transmission format,etc.)
    • Topic management (For publishing, subscribing, filtering, handling messages)
    • Different types of Qos for communication (Qos1, Qos2, Qos3).
    • Message Retention, Persistence session, Heartbeats/keep alive functionality.
  • Use case for these protocol where actually use, in the real world.
  • Hands on practice on this protocol.
  • Assignments for further exploration.
  • Give problem statement and know actual use using different languages.
  • Material reference, links to checkout for further guidance.
  • What is kafka? Basic understanding for kafka.
  • How efficient kafka is and why it is so popular.(What is behind scene, Current kafka market holding)
  • Kafka topic partition mechanism.
  • Use case for Kafka.
  • Hands on practice for kafka.
  • Give problem statement and know actual use using different languages.
  • Assignments for further exploration.
  • Material reference, links to checkout for further guidance.
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