AMLAI - Ahmedabad Machine Learning, AI and IoT Group

What we're about

This is a group for people passionate about applications of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things into fields like IoT Platforms, Wearable Technologies, Predictive Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition and Robotics. All skill levels and backgrounds are welcome. As a group, we often take up projects that enable us to use our skillset to make a positive difference in local communities including libraries, schools, religious centers and hospitals. Founded by Jaidev Shah and Nikhil Shah, we also encourage entrepreneurs in the tech field to come and pitch their ideas. We believe sharing of knowledge in the above mentioned fields is a great way for us as an Ahmedabad based community to progress inventively and gain visibility in extraordinary ways.

We are excited to announce next meet up on the topic and looking for great discussions. We will address following topics.

  • Latest Trends in AI ML DL
  • Deep Learning (DL) Analysis via Python illustration
  • Google I/o new ML innovations
  • Blockchain (BC) with ML and AI
  • Blockchain and IOT in ML and AI via "Smart Dubai" case study
  • Opportunities in Gujarat and Mumbai for ML and AI

React JS

If You want to learn ReactJS but are worried of the large list of tools and technologies that you need to learn and you possess little to no knowledge of Javascript.

Come join us for this Meetup at VNurture .. In 2 hours we aim to give you basics on the react, and get you started on the journey

You will learn and build better understanding for what it takes to become a good React developer while getting a brief overview of the React eco system.

React Basics
  • What is React?
  • Why React?
  • Prerequisites for learning React
  • A tour of React eco-system
  • React "Hello World" in 3 mins
  • React basic concepts
  • Where to start learning React
  • The path forward
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