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Vnuture guides various projects in cutting-edge technologies. Many of these projects are developed as prototypes for our Industry partners. Here are some examples of award-winning (at state level or GTU level) projects have been greatly appreciated. Some of these examples covered below are Industrial IOT applications, Natural language (NLP) processing using Machine Learning, AI based Computer Vision and object identification for recyclable material etc. We continue to innovate and build solutions that help to build foundation of a complete end to end solution, while helping upcoming engineers to gain the exposure to work on these technologies.

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Workers in many modern industries (chemical, manufacturing factories etc) face dangerous problems including respiratory diseases such as aggravate asthma, inflammation and damaged lung tissue.
High levels of unregulated hazardous gases in such small and medium scale factories can even lead to death of workers.
The aim of this project is to detect the presence and levels of such gases, so proper precautions can be taken.
The main objective of the project is to solve this serious problem of detecting harmful gases by developing a portable Safety device using Arduino micro controller along with gas detection sensors to make sure gas ppms(parts per million) are within permissible levels to maintain health of factory workers.
Discussion with Factory and industry owners, visit to Pirana Landfills and discussions with workers. Researching on Gas side effects and acceptable levels for humans.
Basic integration of Arduino with Temperature sensors.
Design skeleton for Android platform. The importance of gas sensing is set to grow with increasing requirements for safety and environmental protection across many industries.
For this purpose we have designed the TOXIC GAS ANALYZER (TOGA). This project was inspired by observing growing waste in large cities, and extremely unsafe conditions of waste collectors (many times women and children too) at landfills, where frequent fires is common issue due to dangerous gas buildup like Methane.

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The project “Landfill Refinery” is a script that can detect object such as “Aluminum Can”, “Banana Peels”, etc. which are recyclable or Bio-Degradable from landfill. Landfill are huge dump areas situated in outskates of the urban areas. This landfills have every type of waste (which is useless for the human) products, that include Bio-Degradable, Toxic, Recyclable, etc. Waste products that are Recyclable and Bio-Degradable can be brought and used for many purposes. In present, manual scavengers do this task. As these manual scavengers work in these landfills they can get life threating diseases.
The project is a script which can detect object and classify them into their product type, it can give exact dimensions where in the real time video or image that product is located. This script is implemented into the robotic system which then picks the product detected and send it to the place where it can processed to recycled or make fuel.
The project increases life expectancy of humans and animals of near-by areas. Government spend lot of money behind those manual scavengers for their health and for picking this products, which can reduce. Landfill Refinery prevents from hazardous and brutal conditions that occur due gases and fires caused by this landfill (large dump area).

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